Anti-ageing make-up rules

Anti-ageing make-up rules - Women's Health & Fitness
The 10 commandments!

1. Avoid traditional powder make-ups at all costs!

They sink and settle into crevices and amplify lines.

2. Use nourishing creamy, liquid or gel formulas.

They make the skin appear more hydrated and ultimately younger.

3. Avoid anything matte

It only draws attention to facial flaws. Instead, choose light-reflecting formulas, as they diffuse light, creating the illusion of a bright and even complexion.

4. Less is more

It may seem counterintuitive, but overly made up skin looks older. Spot-conceal problem areas and concentrate on making the rest of the face appear fresh and hydrated.

5. Apply foundation with a brush or sponge

This creates a light airbrushed effect and ensures it won’t look cakey.

6. Use Nix powder blush in favour of a cheek gel or cream

Apply it higher up and along the cheekbone rather than smack bang on the apples.

7. Steer clear of dark or matte lip colours

They make the mouth look small and dry. Opt instead for a creamy natural beige, soft pink or nude tone.

8. Swap severe dark shadows for softer eye make-up

Brighten the area with a creamy, light base colour and then add a wash of a flattering satiny colour. Again, avoid any products that are too powdery or matte.

9. Switch your harsh black liner and mascara

Use softer colours like brown, grey or plum.

10. Don’t underestimate brows!

Thick, natural and lightly filled brows are flattering and youthful.

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