5 Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises

5 Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises

Sometimes, even daily workouts, crash diets and calorie counting don’t help you lose the fat. Experts suggest that exercise or diets do not work in isolation and while that might be true, neither do the wrong kind of exercises. You need to focus on the right areas of your body and work them in a way that maximises efficiency and weight-loss.

When the intake of calories exceeds the amount you shed, they get partly stored as fat. This excess fat not only affects our physical appearance but also our strength, mobility, endurance as well asimmunity. According to statistics about 2.1 billion people, almost 30% of the world population, are either overweight or obese. Poor eating choices and a sedentary lifestyle are the root causes of the growing epidemic of obesity.

In one of their studies, Harvard Medical School confirmed the presence of certain molecules in the human body which affect one’s appetite andmetabolism, and in turn the amount of fat burnt through the day. A study led by Dr. Bruce Spiegelman, published in the journal Nature, showed that while exercising muscles produced an ‘Irisin’ hormone, which travels throughout the body altering fat cells. Another interesting revelation was the presence of brown fat cells which naturally burn fat.

All said and done, exercising daily is the best option to tone your body and remain fit.  “The kind of training you require not only depends on your age but also your stamina that you build up over time. This can be ensured by gradual increase in different sets of exercises,” advices Head Trainer Shakti Yadav from Gold’s Gym while he suggests some fat burning exercises that will sculpt your frame like never before.

Treadmill: Running on a treadmill can reduce body weight faster than any other form of cardio. Spend about 12 minutes to 15 minutes on the treadmill to transform fat into lean muscle. This happens mainly due to increased heart rate. The best way to do so is to walk faster.  Further, walking on an incline helps as the lower region of one’s body is engaged throughout the session, thus reducing thigh mass. A substantial substitute could be running outdoors on a regular basis.treadmill

Step Up Workout: A form of aerobics, it specifically targets calves, gluts and quads. If you are too lazy to hit the gym, your home or office stairs can serve the same purpose. But the step platform or the step box needs to have a height of at least 4 inches.  Alternate between your left and right leg, stepping up and down repeatedly for at least 12 minutes. Bending the knees more than 90 degrees when mounting is a strict no. This exercise also helps in gaining strength.stepmill

Rope Jumping: Jumping the rope or skipping for 7-8 minutes is a remarkable way to work off more calories. The best suited would be a weighted jump rope so as to increase resistance.  The portable tool burns calories and also tones your body. This wonder exercise works on the shoulders, chest, arms and legs simultaneously! The workout includes –

rope jumping
a. 2 minute roping with both feet together
b. 20 lunges
c. 2 minute alternate- foot jumping (similar to running in one place)
d. 10 push ups
e. 30 seconds plank

Functional Training: Focusing on upper, core as well as the lower region, this exercise is great for burning calories. Strength training needs to be done for at least 30 minutes, suggests Mr. Yadav. It is a great workout to get leaner and stronger quickly. It includes the following –
push ups

a. 14 push ups

b. 14 dead lifts

c. 10 single arm pullovers

d. 14 crunches (at least 250 repetitions)

e. 14 alternating lunges

f. 14 squat crosses

Muscle Workouts: If done properly, these can result in great outcomes. This includes exercises like chin-ups, hack-squats and plate twists which may require some supervision.

These easy fat burning exercises can be practiced by men and women alike, mostly within the comfortable confines of your home.  Mr. Yadav also suggests that your post workout meal can also affect your routine. Eat foods with a high glycemic index after your workout as they are great to refuel your body. The GI index is a scale that measure how quickly carbohydrates are processed in the body. You can eat 30 minutes after you finish exercising. Moreover, the lack of sleep is known to increase the release of “hunger hormone”, so make sure you get in bed at the right time to wake up refreshed and energized.

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